We all know that the digital age upon us, and with the new generations of consoles pushing to go digital, I was wondering what will happen to video game retailers like GameStop and PlayNTrade, who mainly handle used games sales. GameStop and its friends’ make most their profits on the used gaming market, by permitting us trade in our used games and selling them for cheaper. Customarily, Gamestop Hours will assist you to trade in a new release, and receive less than half of the price back, and then change and sell it 5 dollars less than full price. Now is that fair? No but which is for an additional day, today we will discuss GameStop after Digital Downloads.

GameStop has earned an annual profit that is worth up to $1.8 billion annually, mainly because of the selling and reselling of used merchandise, and the developers only get paid once. Therefore the developers and also the gaming companies have found a means to allow them to maximize their profit, to make the games cheaper for your gamers. This move might be what exactly is need to help combat up against the rapid decline in video games sale. To aid quell the assumption that this used games don’t hurt the developer profit, GameStop went on record, proclaiming that 70% from the profits of used games go back into the buying new games, but what is going to happen when that stops? How can they have the capacity to retain the well-oiled machine which is GameStop? Well that knows there are numerous of ideas i have only one generally seems to stick out, and to me it will be the most profitable.

GameStop has done a couple of things that to remain in front of the curve, it has started taking in iPod and iPhones and selling them used. This can be in direct correlation using the new consoles push for digital games and DLC. This is a smart move on their part, and offers them a big profit margin with the selling of used Apple products. It has additionally been confirmed by TGA that they can be selling cell phone plans in the future. With the addition of selling of cellular phones, Gamestop Phone Number can gain revolving profit. As long as consumers cwuwge their bill every month, GameStop will receive a check. So what will GameStop become?

It seems like GameStop is preparing to change their brand over to become a “used stop”. UsedStop is a place in which you can trade in all your used gaming and electronics. People will be able to trade within their old TV, computers, Blu-Rays Player, as well as others to obtain all of the new products that might be being released. UsedStop could keep to its old philosophy and definitely will change their products to hit all spectrums and stay a force inside the retail game. I think that UsedStop will still stay gaming oriented, using the game informer and gaming products, but must change using the times to keep relevant, i.e. RadioShack.

With all that being said downloading games could be the way of the future and people who think the used game market will survive it won’t, and Gamestop Thanksgiving Hours and its friends’ will change to remain in the marketplace. UsedStop in my mind will be the future for GameStop so check

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